Vacations and Why They Matter…

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What a week it has been. My family and I left Sunday to visit our favorite get-away location, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It’s always nice to go up there to see the beauty of the Smokey Mountains, enjoy restaurants we only get to go to when we are up there (See Joey’s Travel Rule’s Number 1, Article 1 Section A), shop at stores, and have good conversations along the way. It was nice to get away from the stresses at work, church, and just life in general. It was there I noticed some things. My little girl is a growing young lady that will start Kindergarten very soon. I realized how much she has changed in the last few years and continues to mature. I guess the old saying is true, I’ll blink, and she’ll be a teenager. I also realized how much of an uphill climb is going to be to get there.

That’s why I think I enjoyed this vacation. I got a chance to stop the ongoing cycle of day-to-day and stop to look for a second. Vacation trips are good for that; they make you see things from a different point of view. Monday will be a bear, I’m sure, but that’s why we go on vacation, right?